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Spiritual Direction/

Spiritual Coaching

What is it?

Spiritual direction is the traditional term used for what might be more easily understood as spiritual coaching, spiritual mentoring, or even spiritual mindfulness coaching. 


Spiritual direction has been practiced since the foundation of Christianity; a spiritual relationship between three - the director, the directee, and the Holy Spirit, who is the true Director.


The three journey together, at the initiation of the directee, usually meeting once a month to grow in mindfulness of everyday, ordinary living with the Spirit.


Through the events of life, we notice together the Spirit’s leading in the life of the Directee towards greater intimacy, communion, wholeness and holiness with God the Father and Jesus.


Spiritual Direction is an act of holy listening and an encounter with Divine, for the Holy Spirit is the true Spiritual Director in the time together.


In Spiritual Direction, we trust that the ordinary reveals the sacred; that heaven meets earth with a kiss.

Spiritual Direction/Coaching Services

Below is a more detailed description of spiritual direction.


If you are interested in exploring the rhythm and practice of spiritual direction, please contact  me for an initial conversation to explore your interest and desire.


Because many people are new to the practice and journey of spiritual direction, I offer both our initial conversation and your first spiritual direction session for free so that you may explore this new path. 


Individual Spiritual Direction

tending your with-God life

A typical rhythm of meeting together is once per month, for one hour. Our time will often begin with a brief period of silence or reflection as a means to focus our attention on the present moment with the Spirit. This hour is set apart for noticing together God's movement in the life of the directee. Examining the details of our lives and recognizing every moment as sacred is a means of discerning God's voice. Attention to God's spirit and following His lead are our movements of surrender to the One who loves us.

Spiritual direction available in person, via Zoom, or via phone.

If you are longing for more intentionality with Jesus, let's connect. 

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Group Spiritual Listening

listening to God together

Group spiritual direction is different from the way traditional small group communities share life together in that it is primarily a listening group. We listen to our life, to each other and to God to hear His direction. The focus is God and our relationship with Jesus as revealed through our day-to-day living.


At each gathering for group spiritual direction, one, or perhaps two members of the group will briefly share some life event, circumstance, or emotion in their everyday life that they want to explore with God. As the member shares, the group listens deeply to the person, and to God. After a time of prayer, the listeners may offer a response that has come from listening to God. Perhaps an image that was received, or a question that might be considered for the sharer to bring to their personal time with God. 


If you are part of a group or have some friends who want to explore this way of listening with others to the presence of God, let's connect.

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Spiritual Direction/Coaching FAQs

When might one seek out a spiritual coach/director?

  • When undergoing a life change; planned or unplanned

  • When coming to a place of being undone, knowing it is God's hand of undoing

  • When desiring a deeper journey towards intimacy with God

  • When finding old ways of relating to God have become stale

  • When seeing the need for objective wisdom

  • After crisis healing with a counselor, when knowing your soul needs a safe place to begin again

Topics to explore in spiritual coaching/direction

  • Image of God and identity in Christ

  • Deepening one's prayer life

  • Practicing the presence of God

  • Transformation in Christ-likenes

  • Increased self-awareness

Benefits of spiritual coaching/direction

  • A spiritual companion to listen with you to the things of your life            

  • A space for tending to the born-in-eternity image of God within you

  • An attentiveness to the with-God life

  • A place to be undone and to move towards wholeheartedness and possible healing

About Niecy’s practice of spiritual coaching/direction

The ministry of spiritual direction was formed in me through more than a decade serving in women’s and youth ministry. It was out of my love for youth that I really grew in what it means to listen to a life being lived and to be a guide in the journey to experience the holy.


There exists a number of metaphors for spiritual direction: companionship, guidance, hospitality, and midwifery, to name a few. While these all influence my ministry, I draw most naturally upon the metaphor of listener and soul friend.


A soul friend listens in a way others often do not, recognizing the life-of-God within you and giving you a place to explore the becoming of all you are. The soul friend listens in a way that offers healing and space for your journey to unfold. As a listener, I believe that God speaks, and that you are a word spoken into being. So, I listen with you to bear witness to the unfolding of your story with Him.

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let's connect

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