hello friend!

My name is Niecy LoCricchio.

Spiritual Director.

Prayer Creative.

Curator of retreat experiences for your soul.  

Welcome to The Soul Care Place; my invitation for you to welcome every moment as sacred and to journey with the One who loves you.


I am a spiritual director and retreat guide who wants to see the community of God living holy and whole-hearted lives, grounded in the truth of our belovedness.


Authenticity,  vulnerability, and soul healing are required for this journey - and wide open spaces.


I am passionate about Jesus and walking alongside others in their search for wholeness and renewed intimacy with Jesus. If you are seeking a deeper experience with God, look around awhile.

Retreats &


Spiritual Direction/Coaching




I’m a man who’s his worst critic. I am very demanding of myself, which drives me to serve and give more than I often can. This leads to overextending myself, constantly doing something, and filling every minute with being “productive.” I was privileged to be a part of Denver Leadership Initiative, which offers a segment on Soul Care. Niecy was our lead and directed us spiritually in slowing down and pausing. This is not easy for me to do and sounds counterproductive and countercultural, but very important and very much needed, as I came to find out. Niecy’s sincere serene energy sets the tone to let down your walls, worries, and anxieties, to allow oneself to slow down and pause. Niecy’s direction, thoughtfully selected prayers, scriptures, excerpts, formatted guides, outlined and carefully crafted retreats, usher you into a state of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Until this experience and epiphany of the value of slowing down, I was unaware and frantically operating. With Niecy’s guidance and direction I’ve learned to come and continue returning to a place I am in desperate need of, and that place is called humility/the end of myself. Knowing yet realizing, and reminding myself I am a man of limits, but often trying to exceed those limits, which leads to exhaustion, unrest, and irritability. I am now aware of the importance and need to curate my soul, carve out time, and be intentional of yielding, slowing down, pausing, resting, being.