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Retreat Resource Guide

Over the last few years, this book has been quietly forming out of the experiences of my life and role as a spiritual director, a retreat creator, and as a companion in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. 


Along the way there have been countless conversations with others expressing their desire to find time to go on retreat or wondering what to do on their time of retreat. Spiritual director and counselor friends have reached out to ask if I have something that I can give to someone who is longing to retreat with God. 


Space to Breathe was written in response to those desires, conversations, and questions, informed by years of creating and leading retreats. 


Six ready-to-go retreat guides, along with the other resources in this book, offer helpful guidance for easing into retreat, re-entry after, and bringing the gifts of the retreat into daily life. Whether on a mini-retreat, a day away with the Lord, or a multi-day retreat, these themed retreats create space to breathe, listen, and enter communion with the One who loves you. There is also guidance on using these retreats to lead your own small group retreat.  


Each retreat theme invites the realness of our humanity to be fully present to God. This approach intends to bring the whole of life, our humanness, into God’s loving care. In Space to Breathe, you will find invitations to draw near to God, and open in communion with God through spiritual practices meant to engage the heart, mind, and body such as: 


  • Lectio Divina (a style of scripture meditation)

  • Imaginative Prayer

  • Creative Exploration

  • Reflective Journaling


Whether for personal or small group use, or as a referral resource to others you know who are longing for retreat, my prayer is that this will be a helpful resource for those longing for deeper connection and communion with God.

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