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Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, 19th Annotation

A Companioned Prayer Journey Immersing in God's Love

New Cohort Starts September 2024

A 9-Month Journey

The Details

This journey with the Ignatian Exercises involves a high level of commitment to the journey in both time and money. There is daily engagement with the prayer materials involving at least 5 hours of prayer each week (40 - 60 minutes each day for 9 months). Many people enjoy making the journey in a small group. For those who choose this journey there will be an additional nine, 2.5-hour group sessions via Zoom over the nine-month journey, preparations for each theme by viewing nine video teachings by Bill Zuelke of Soul Formation prior to our group sessions, and nine one-on-one spiritual direction sessions via Zoom with me which are spaced between the group sessions. You can expect to be present either in a group session or one-on-one with me about every two weeks.

Others prefer making the pilgrimage one-on-one, and this option can be explored by setting up a time to connect with me one-on-one.

Preparation and Discernment Sessions, Exploring God's Love for You;

6 weeks in Discernment Prayers

Because this journey involves a high level of commitment in both time and money, and perhaps an adjustment in your typical prayer rhythm, we want to help you discern if this is the right next step for you in your spiritual journey. Praying the Exercises is a love journey; one of receiving God's love, and one of moving in love towards God and ourselves.

If you are uncertain if this 9 month prayer pilgrimage is for you, this is the first step in making that discovery. 

The 6 weeks of Discernment Prayers help uncover and address potential roadblocks on the journey. 

The Discernment Sessions include an initial conversation orienting you to the Discernment Prayers which will familiarize you with the pattern of praying the Ignatian Exercises. As the 9-month journey begins in September, depending on when you start the discernment process will determine how many weeks of the discernment prayers you would be able to complete. 

After our initial conversation and orientation to the materials, we will meet some time in the third week of your practice to reflect on your experience. What were the places of ease and difficulty? What adjustments may be needed to help make adequate space for your journey in the Exercises?

After  your six weeks in the Discernment Prayers, we will meet one last time to reflect on your experiences and discern the next steps, and whether you are more inclined towards the group experience  or making the journey solo. 

COST - $200; for those who decide to begin the 9-month journey, the $200 will be applied towards the $300 deposit to hold your place in the 9-month prayer pilgrimage. 

After Discernment - Saying "Yes" to the Journey

Below are some additional details particular to the nine-month journey detailing group sessions, the themes of the journey that you are being invited to consider, and the costs. You are always welcome to reach out with questions and for clarification. 

Group Session Agenda

  • Welcome and opening prayer

  • Sharing the fruit of your prayers

  • Teaching and discussion

  • Logistical issues, questions, difficulties

  • Points of prayer for the time between now and the next session

  • Closing prayer

Group Session Dates and Themes

These Group Session Dates are not finalized yet.  Prior to each group session, it is expected that you will have watched the videos by Bill Zuelke in preparation for our time together.  Group sessions are a fruitful time for gathering and sharing the gifts and challenges of your experiences in the prayers. In our first session together we will talk about the parameters for sharing so that all voices will be heard. 

The exact time of the sessions are yet to be determined but will likely be a Tuesday late afternoon MTN time. If the group members determine alternate hours would be better, the time could shift.



2024 Dates TBA



God's Love

Ignatian Prayer

Sin in the Light of God's Love

Call of the King

Jesus as Person

Jesus' Ministry


Resurrection; Fully Given to God

Closing Celebration


This companioned 9-month prayer journey through the Ignatian Exercises costs $1280, which averages $142 each month. This includes your daily prayer materials, nine group gatherings, access to the nine videos, nine one-on-one spiritual direction sessions focused on your prayer journey, and additional support as needed. Space is limited. A $300 deposit reserves your place in the journey. The balance may be paid in full prior to the September group gatherings, or the remaining balance will be invoiced monthly beginning November 01.


Sliding Scale

If you have discerned that this is the next step in your spiritual journey and the financial cost is an excessive burden,  please contact me directly to inquire about a reduced rate.

The Spiritual Exercises are "not just for spectators but for those with a hunger for something deeper, a yearning to walk with Jesus (not just read about Jesus), a desire to embrace more of what God has for you, a longing to be equipped to partner with what God is doing in and through you, a willingness to get down and dirty with God, Jesus and yourself."

Larry Warner, Journey with Jesus

Niecy LoCricchio

Offered by Niecy LoCricchio
Spiritual Director & Founder,
The Soul Care Place

Niecy has guided me through one of my most difficult seasons and one of my most fulfilled times, teaching me how to sense God’s presence and awakening in all circumstances. From holding space to introducing me to new prayer practices and creative processes, Niecy is a wise and approachable guide to help you navigate your journey to awakening and wholeness, and her spiritual direction is grounded in the truth of our belovedness.

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