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At 16, I felt the call into ministry, and was invited to teach Sunday school to middle school girls that summer. Being a woman, that call got complicated for me, but not for God. 

For the last 20 years I have been blessed to serve in both volunteer and paid ministry positions. Six years ago that brought me into the ministry of soul care, spiritual direction and retreat creating and leading.

Below are some words from some of the people I've been able to serve these last few years. 

Over the last 6 years I have watched Niecy embrace the call of God as a Spiritual Growth Coach. I can testify firsthand that God is using her to be a blessing to the body of Christ. God has used her many times to help me and many others slow down, seek God and listen. Niecy is a great shepherd, a tender warrior, a prayer warrior, and nurturer. Niecy listens to people, listens to God, asks great questions, and guides others so well. 


Niecy is skilled at what she does. The prayer retreats that I have attended (both large and small) with her directing have been amazing and the booklets/guides she designs for these retreats have been so rich. Niecy allows herself to be God's instrument of peace and she creates such wonderful environments for others to connect with God. I have been serving as an Urban Missionary for over 32 years in Denver and have been and seen many unhealthy ministry leaders. What Niecy offers is so needed! 

“Niecy has guided me through one of my most difficult seasons and one of my most fulfilled times, teaching me how to sense God’s presence and awakening in all circumstances. From holding space to introducing me to new prayer practices and creative processes, Niecy is a wise and approachable guide to help you navigate your journey to awakening and wholeness, and her spiritual direction is grounded in the truth of our belovedness.”

Urban Missionary


Over a period of several years now, Denver Leadership Initiative (DLI) has been blessed by the gifts and calling that God has given Niecy. Each retreat that Niecy has led for DLI has been a “God experience”. She leads from a place of much prayer and preparation, trusting the Lord for his deep work in the hearts of those who attend. She leads with such gentleness and as well with great confidence in her calling.

To name just a couple of the ways that Niecy has led in the area of soul care for DLI is through prayer retreats at the Botanical Gardens and at quarterly day retreats we host in the foothills of Denver called “A Day With The Lord”. We continue to do these retreats for ministry leaders throughout the city and the feedback has always been tremendous. If you want to care well for those in your circle, having Niecy lead a retreat would be a great choice.

Executive Director

I’m a man who’s his worst critic. I am very demanding of myself, which drives me to serve and give more than I often can. This leads to overextending myself, constantly doing something, and filling every minute with being “productive.” I was privileged to be a part of Denver Leadership Initiative, which offers a segment on Soul Care. Niecy was our lead and directed us spiritually in slowing down and pausing. This is not easy for me to do and sounds counterproductive and countercultural, but very important and very much needed, as I came to find out.


Niecy’s sincere serene energy sets the tone to let down your walls, worries, and anxieties, to allow oneself to slow down and pause. Niecy’s direction, thoughtfully selected prayers, scriptures, excerpts, formatted guides, outlines and carefully crafted retreats, usher you into a state of rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Until this experience and epiphany of the value of slowing down, I was unaware and frantically operating. With Niecy’s guidance and direction I’ve learned to come and continue returning to a place I am in desperate need of, and that place is called humility/the end of myself. Knowing yet realizing, and reminding myself I am a man of limits, but often trying to exceed those limits, which leads to exhaustion, unrest, and irritability. I am now aware of the importance and need to curate my soul, carve out time, and be intentional of yielding, slowing down, pausing, resting, being.

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